Abraham Dyer
Abraham Dyer

Abraham Dyer

Head Coach and Programmer

Back squat 160kg, deadlift 220kg, Power Clean 130kg, 3.21 Km run and 2:59 1km Row.

Best achievement was 2nd in the masters for worlds Toughest Mudder 2016


CF Level 1, MAX Fitness Business Diploma, TRX instructors course, KB Iron Instructor course, ZUU Level 1-2, 8.5 years NZ Army

CrossFit Level 2

About Coach

Man, it is hard to condense my life story into a short few paragraphs, but I was raised by a single mum who worked incredibly hard to build a great teaching career and I learned a lot about resilience and being driven for success. After school, I joined the NZ Army and got to travel the world and be exposed to some pretty difficult environments. I think that's what led me to want to be in the fitness industry. I have always been attracted to fitness from an early age, competing in many forms of sport. From weightlifting and wrestling to cricket, rugby and league. When I was in the army that grew and when I left, I was drawn to being in the fitness industry. Not long after I decided to study again, I was taken through a workout called "Jacobs Ladder". This was a set of stairs in Auckland CBD, and the WOD was 10 rounds, 20 Push-ups, a run to the top, and 10 burpees. It crushed me and I loved it. Ever since then I wanted more and more and soon after I opened 808 in 2014 and haven't looked back.

Turning Point

I was always a pretty selfish kind of guy when it came to "my time" and I never thought of being a father at all. It was probably my biggest hurdle in being able to achieve anything because all I cared about was myself. Then I had my daughter and my complete view of the world changed. I soon realised that I needed to be much better than I was being, and I had to start thinking of others. That's when I thought about 808 and what it could be. A place where you can achieve more than you know. That when the community is strong, you will be much stronger individually. That being a leader isn't about being the rah-rah coach, but being the great friend, the best unreasonable friend sometimes and most importantly just a good human.

Motivation & Passion

My deepest passion for coaching is being able to teach, and coach a movement that someone never thought was possible. The human body and mind is an incredibly strong mechanism and when you can help someone unlock that, it is like a WOW moment.

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