Carlee Harvey
Carlee Harvey

Carlee Harvey


I once rowed 100km…I learnt a lot about myself and how to use the row erg!
I LOVE a good strict upper body lift! I have an 80kg Bench Press and working towards a 60kg Strict Shoulder Press. I love to lift heavy and the feeling of achievement it gives me ☺️


Diploma in Personal Training and Group Fitness
Zuu level 1 & 2
Ankorr certification

About Coach

I was incredibly sporty and school, but took a u-turn in life and become very overweight. I spent many years yo-yoing dieting, suffering from eating disorders and trying out different self subscribed exercise routines. I found 808 in 2014 and my life changed! I actually enjoyed the exercise o was doing and very quickly exercising turned to training. I started losing weight and gaining muscle and strength. I was so excited by how that made me feel that I studied personal training and exercise prescription and soon joined the 808 coaches team! I was awakened to how good I could feel about myself and want to help other people to grow in self confidence through my experiences and the knowledge I’ve gained and continue to gain.

Turning Point

Before committing to making a change we have every excuse in the book ‘I can’t afford a gym membership or to eat healthy’ ‘I don’t have time to go to the gym’ ‘My partner won’t look after the kids’ ‘My partner won’t change the way they eat…’ Sound familiar…? These were some of my excuses….Notice how the blame shifted onto someone else? If it’s someone else’s fault I can’t change then there’s nothing I can do about it right….? WRONG! All these excuses are bullshit. And I can say that with confidence and experience because if you want to do something that will add value to your life, you’ll find the time or find the finances. I did and I was the queen of excuses! As for my enemy - I am my biggest enemy! I am also my biggest hero. Over the years I have had a lot of goals set for me and achieved them, but as soon as I reach my target I tick it off and return to bad habits. I have recently spent a lot of time reflecting on my journey and am only now starting to figure out what my inner driving force is. And as I am figuring out what truly drives me, I am able to form more sustainable living habits.

Motivation & Passion

My coaching journey started because of my own personal health and lifestyle changes. I felt empowered and wanted to help other ladies feel the same level of empowerment as me. Over the last 5 or so years my passion has grown and evolved. My goal of self empowerment remains the same, but the journey in which we get there looks very different now to what I thought it should look like 8 years ago…..

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