3 incorrect perceptions that trainers/coaches aren't

Far too often coaches are perceived to be a particular way. Time to debunk that myth.
October 13, 2022
3 incorrect perceptions that trainers/coaches aren't

Three Bullshit perceptions that trainers/coaches aren’t….

I got to admit, when I first started on this career path of being a trainer/coach, I thought I will be the fittest in the room.  The strongest and be in a position to workout every day for as long as I want to.

That is further from the truth.

Owning a gym, I would argue I train less now.  Whenever I get a chance to train, over 60% of the time, I will have to cut a session short to help out a member or I have just run out of time.

I was actually chatting to a close friend of mine who was in a similar situation where they are perceived to be one way, but in reality, it is not the actual truth of the matter.

So it got me thinking, here are the top 3 bullshit perceptions of what people think their trainer/coaches are…..

1:  Hyper shredded and eat only chicken and broccoli…..

Go to any gym. Globo gym, franchise F45s, BFT, Crossfit or anything else and grab all the staff together.  I would put money on it that over half of the group would not fit the perception of what trainers are meant to look like.

This is in part because out industry has fucked up what we actually think “health” and “fitness” is.   

I can say this.  

a:  It is not about abs, muscles on muscles and wearing the shortest shorts and string singlets and show boating it around.

b:  It is not being a boring bastard and eating only meat and veggies 7 days a week.

c:  It is not about showing off what we have got.

What we are is….

a:  Incredibly knowledgeable around training and different movement patterns and energy system and how they work.

b:  Lead an active lifestyle where we can enjoy a night out, eat within reason and also teach others to do the same; and

c:  Not be an ass and show off our “abs” every 3 seconds of the day.

The profession of fitness and coaching has certainly changed and evolved and our perception of this needs to change too.

2:  We are not the fittest or strongest in the room

He is an example.  Steve Hansen was the All Blacks Coach.  Brilliant coach with great staff.  He wasn't the greatest rugby player at all.  In fact, he didn't even make the All Blacks as a player.  A handy provincial player, but not “Elite”.  BUT he was a brilliant leader and coach and thats what made him stand out.

Thats what a coach/trainer is.  They excel in communication.  Figuring out a path to success for anyone that asks and also constantly goes out and educate themselves in anything and everything to give them the edge they need.

All coaches should have an understanding of any movement/training style that they work with, but it doesn't mean they have to be the best at it.  They want that for you.

3:  We are human just like you.  We cry, laugh and deal with real world situations like you.

Sometimes we are put on a "stand" and our people/members come to us and want us to find a solution to whatever problem they are going through, and all whilst not worrying about what we are going through.

But in reality, many coaches/trainers are going through things that are probably very similar to what you going through.  But what we do is never share that with you, because you guys come to us for help, and you don’t want to hear what we go through.

But here is the lesson I have learned.  I found out that I need to have a few people who have no connection to my gym that I go to for help.  That care for me but also will give me the ear I need to chat to without sometimes them even giving me their opinions.

It has also taught me to be open to my emotions when I need to (But to those I trust.  I don’t just bawl out to anyone).  They are my trusted and toughest SOBs ever.  

We too are human :)  

There are so many more bullshit perceptions about coaches, and maybe I will make this into a series.  

But I have way more content to write about :)

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