CrossFit NAS Gymnastic and Weightlifting Complex block. Here is what you need to know!

Training blocks are not meant to be complicated. Check out why we are doing this 8-week block
July 7, 2023
CrossFit NAS Gymnastic and Weightlifting Complex block.  Here is what you need to know!

We have done a 12-week strength cycle, followed by our Olympic lifting cycle for ten weeks.

We are now moving onto the one we have been all looking forward to.

Our 8-week Gymnastic and Weightlifting complex training block.

Why do we do gymnastics in CrossFit?

Great question. In a nutshell, gymnastics has an incredible crossover with almost every other discipline in CrossFit. Strength training, Weightlifting, and core CrossFit movements such as Wall Balls, Burpees etc, all have foundations in gymnastics. So we want to improve on these to help us improve in these movements and develop better movement mechanics.

So what will we be learning:

The basics.  We will be drilling the basics. Even if you are a seasoned veteran in CrossFit, we should never lose the core basics of any movement. That goes for everything, but especially in gymnastics.

So you are likely to expect......

➡️ Wall Facing Stacked handstand holds

➡️ Shoulder taps in the handstand position

➡️ Handstand walks

➡️ Strict Handstand Push-ups

➡️ Kip Swings

➡️ Kipping pull-ups

➡️ Toes to Bar

➡️ Ring swings

➡️ Toes to rings

There will be opportunities to practice more advanced movements in the classes. This will be coach-led.

So four sessions a week, we will be doing 10-15 minutes on gymnastics, teaching a skill, and then practising it in a no-intensity environment.

On top of that, we will be building upon the fantastic movements from the weightlifting training block and incorporating multiple movements as part of a complex. Such as 1 Squat clean + 2 Front squats + 1 Push jerk.


It is a great strength and power developer, but it also helps cement great movement mechanics and an understanding of what is happening

and our body when doing these movements. We look forward to seeing what we can do with these :). It also challenges us to keep trying to get better each session.

Some days won't be as good as others. Prioritising mobility and recovery will be crucial in any success you aim for.

Enjoy team. We start on 10 July and through to 3 September :)

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