5 Gear Ideas for your CrossFit Journey.

5 Must-haves for your CrossFit journey :)
November 30, 2022
5 Gear Ideas for your CrossFit Journey.

5 Gear Ideas for your CrossFit Journey.

Like with many new gym or fitness journeys, we want to be dressed right and have the right equipment…..but without spending a mass amount of $$$$$$$

So we have come up with a list on here that we think is appropriate for your CrossFit journey.  And a disclaimer.  No one has asked us to do this and we have sourced the links on our own.

#1 Shoes.

I am a sucker for SHOES and the different options you can have.  From brands such as NOBULL, REEBOK, NIKE, TYR, and UNDER ARMOUR, you can suddenly spend way more than you need to.

I have always found the best shoes for CrossFit have been the Nano X1 or X2 and you can generally find them relatively cheap on either “The WOD Life” https://www.thewodlife.com.au/ or even on the Reebok site https://reebok.com.au/.  These shoes are great for wider feet and comfy for lifting, but you can run in them and have many great colour ways.  You can sometimes find deals for under 100$ if you can keep an eye out for them.

#2 Skipping Ropes.

You do not need a top-of-the-line, double-ball-bearing rope unless you are looking at competing in the sport of CrossFit.  A good 2-40$ rope is definitely enough.  

I have always found the “Viper Speed Rope” a good entry-level rope.  Easy to adjust and reasonably priced. Click here to check them out

#3 Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves will save your knees and make squatting/lunges that much easier.  NOW you always go a size smaller than your pants size.  Also, 7mm is much better than 5mm.  So grab the thicker set.  I have found Rock Tape sleeves to be the best

#4 Belt

With all the lifting, a belt is useful for reducing stress through your midline.  We encourage lifting without a belt, however, we advise using a belt when there is either a high volume of work or really high loads.  I have always found the rebrand belt the best to use https://www.rehband.com/x-rx-lifting-belt_249_1819/

#5 Grips

The most important equipment gear you need is a great set of grips.  From Frog grips to Gorilla grips to Victory grips, all are incredibly good in their own way.  Many of us use the Victory grips and I highly recommend No finger holes as it’s much easier to use them without finger holes.  check out https://victorygrips.com/

All up if you spend around 500$ you can get good quality gear that will last for several years without having to upgrade them.

Let us know how you get on.

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