Why is Fitness Hard

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October 5, 2022
Why is Fitness Hard

Let me share with you a little secret........

This shit is HARD. Being fit is HARD. Being strong is HARD. Turning up is HARD. Training is HARD.


Now we got that out of the way.

If you are reading this, you are more than likely to fit into one of two categories......

1: You are a fitness junkie and you have stumbled upon this blog post, and more than likely you understand everything that I am about to write. Or;

2: You are an excuse-wielding, hop around different gyms, do various fitness fads, looking for the easy option. Complaining that it cost too much and would rather sit on the couch, watching the Jeffery Dahmer Doco, whilst eating Doritos, and scrolling through Tiktok complaining about all the people who post training videos.

If you are the latter, then what I am about to write/say to you might hurt ya feelings. If it does, it is because it is true. Truth hurts buddy, so buckle up, put the Doritos down, and get ready to eat some humble pie (and not the calorie-dense version of it either).

So here are my FIVE TIPS TO WHY YOU FIND FITNESS HARD.......... and why I think it is BS

1: "I just don't have the time".....

24 hours in a day. Multiply this by 7 days.  Equals 168 hours in a week. And you are telling me you can't find between 30-60 minutes a day to do some form of training? BUT you can scroll through TIKTOK, IG or NETFLIX for up to 3 hours a day??? See where I am going with this?

Let's be honest, because training is hard, you have been conditioned to find an easier solution. You think the "step counter" on your watch is a more accurate way of saying you "trained". That is like saying masturbation is just the same as sex. FYI, it isn't.

So I call BS on that excuse. Take a concrete pill and harden up, as "Papa Swolio says....'Go to the fucking gym"

2: "It hurts"

Yes it hurts.

Because you have been a lazy ass for the last however many months and years. Your body is used to the couch, chips and coke. It is not used to moving, sweating, being under load and dynamically moving in different planes. It is not used to being flexible and mobile to the point you might actually be able to touch your toes. So guess what, your body will hurt badly. The first few weeks will be really tough. But guess what, that will subside, you will actually be conditioned for this and it will become more "normal".

What hurts more is stopping because you have become a wimp, and thought fuck it, and stopped. Then you caught a burst of "motivation" from TIKTOK and you decide to try again, and boom, the cycle of "regret" begins all over again.

So suck it up buttercup. "Go to the fucking gym"

3: "I am not motivated"

NO, you are not disciplined. There is a difference.

Motivation might help you finish off the last few reps in a WOD. Discipline is the concept of turning up, day in, day out to get the work in so you can achieve whatever goal you have.

It is the work ethic you need to succeed. Yes, a pat on the back and words of encouragement can not be undervalued, but that should not be the driving force in your success.

A great way to start is to create small daily habits that will help you create routine and structure around your life. This will then manifest itself in other areas of your life like, "training" and other things to help you succeed.

"Make a plan and execute it...day in day out...until you die"

4: "I don't want to look like that bodybuilder or CrossFit athlete"

Don't be that dick who deflects your own insecurities onto others and says "well they have their abs out, and their shirt off and in bum shorts that's just too much".

Guess what Einstein, 95% of the population doesn't look like or want to look like that. Hell, I don't want to look like that. I applaud those guys and girls who look like that and work hard. But I will never belittle them and compare myself to them. That is such a dick move.

Don't be a dick and do that!

5: "Your ego gets in the way of your success"

I always get this "I was in the first 15, and played rep rugby, blah blah blah." when they first arrive at the gym, then we put them through a regular WOD in a class format, and they come close to the end of the class in the WOD. Their EGO takes a hit, because mums and dads, who have been training for a while have wiped the floor with them.

Whilst these people were supportive and motivating to that one individual, you can see they are starting to second guess themselves, and they go home. We then get a message, "Oh I think I might have tweaked something might give it a rest and come back in a few months".

That is a euphemism too; "I am a sad sack and my ego is too big, and I won't be coming back here".

Some might say that I should have scaled the WOD for them. Guess what, 9/10 times I have done that.

So what should you do........ You should be open to the fact you can learn something, and that by being vulnerable in the class, you will then get more help and then more success in your training. Don't be a dork and be all up in yourself and think you still are the man, after 20 years of doing sweet fuck all.

So if this has triggered you (I really hate that term), then good, hope this fires you up......or wipes away some tears. either way, it should give you some encouragement or maybe some food for thought.

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