Training doesn't have to be complicated.

CrossFit, Strength and Conditioning and Bodybuilding programs can be over the top and also incredibly boring? Check out our solution here!
July 3, 2022
Training doesn't have to be complicated.

Have you ever had a look at a strength and conditioning program or CrossFit program, or even a bodybuilding program and gone WTF????

Does it sometimes feel like you need a math degree and have a sound fundamental knowledge of yoga, karma sutra and pilates to just move in that way?

By week three you have gone F$%k it and thrown in the towel?

Then you my friend are not alone. So many times we have seen other gym programs try and make such an easy way to lift, move and get a sweaty look ,like something from NASA. It is mind-boggling that this still occurs in nowadays.

We have also seen coaches/programmers try and be clever and overcoach a simple movement or protocol. They then pass it off and some amazing new technique where they then charge up to 80$ a week for group training and programming, without ever really sitting back and thinking; "How can I make this easy to understand and also the most effective way to get the best results for our people"?

So here are three steps we take here at 808 House of Training when we program our Crossfit, Metcons and Bodybuilding/Swole type of sessions.

#1- We follow the same pattern week to week.  

With our CrossFit Classes we do the following:

A: We do a warm-up that uses bands, some machines or light runnings, and mobility

B: Then a fitness primer (A small quick workout to get the body ready to lift, get the heart rate up and also to get super warm.  

C: We then LIFT.  Whether it is big compound movements, Oly lifts or even gymnastics and it will always go for a minimum of 16 minutes to 30 minutes.

D: Then we follow it up with a METCON that encompasses those movements.

So by the end of the session, you have TRAINED, not exercised. You will definitely have built up a sweat and you will walk out knowing you have conquered something daily. That is a HUGE WIN

#2- We space out the movements.

In our Metcon Classes, we focus on a different Protocol each day so that we can attack a different stimulus. An example is that on Monday we do Aerobic Capacity sessions.  Which just focuses on heart rate and building good lung capacity. Where on Thursday we do things like Rounds for time, or max movements in a 2 minute window. This really focuses on performing a couplet or triplet at relatively high intensity and you have a goal to achieve.

#3- We keep it fun and light-hearted.

You will have seen some gym owners are hyper-serious. They get so caught up in it all that they forget that once you leave the gym, you have other things to think about. We all have lives outside of the gym, so we love to play games, have a yarn and banter whilst training. It doesn't mean we are not working hard, it means we also love to build CONNECTIONS and that is just as important as the training that is involved.

So in summary,

Keep it simple and follow a simple and effective progressive training plan

Vary as often as you can,

Find your community and build great connections with your people.

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