808 House of Training Strength Cycle- What you need to know

A quick look at what is happening for 2023 in our LIFT Program
February 17, 2023
808 House of Training Strength Cycle- What you need to know


What better way to start the year than getting right into it and beginning it with our strength cycle?

So we'd like to share with you what to expect over this next period.

Start date 16 Jan 2023

Testing begins on 03 April 2023.

We will test 1 rep max and five rep max lifts.

The movements we will be focusing on are:

➡️ Back Squats

➡️ Front Squats

➡️ Strict Press

➡️ Bench Press

➡️ Deadlifts

➡️ Strict Pull Ups

Coupled with that, we will be doing a strip-down of the following movements........

➡️ Squat Cleans

➡️ Squat Snatch

➡️ Split and Push Jerk

Over the next 11 weeks, we will be following a progressive overload program where we will slowly build up in weight to improve our strength and movements.

We will use a "wave" style approach for the movements during the first three weeks. This will help us iron out any movement deficiencies and add volume at the mid-range to kick off the cycle.

An example is.......

Every 7 minutes/ 3 sets.

9 Back squats @ 50%

Increase load

7 Back squats @ 60%

Increase load

5 Back Squats @ 65%


Every 5 minutes/four sets

7 Bench Press @ 55%

Increase load

5 Bench Press @ 60%

Increase load

3 Bench Press @ 65%

After three weeks, we will then switch to the following.

Three weeks of


Three weeks of

3x 3

Then a de-load week, which will get us ready for test week.

Throughout the period, we will be going from 65% through to 92-95% as we progress over those six weeks. We will also use 1-3 accessory movements to help improve your movements and decrease the risk of injury. Movements such as:

➡️ Banded Seated Rows

➡️ Ring supports/Ring rips

➡️ Bulgarian Split squats

➡️ GHD Hip Extensions/alternating supermans

We suggest you use the mobile platform on your SUGARWOD App to help maintain a good range of movement throughout this 11-week cycle and decrease. We also strongly encourage you to use the SUGARWOD app and record your workouts to see progress.

This program will help prepare us for the Olympic Lifting cycle that follows from May to July. The strength you have gained will help elevate your Olympic lifts, and during the strength cycle, we iron out lousy movement patterns that may have crept in.

So team, get ready for a great year ahead. We look forward to seeing you all hit your goals.

I look forward to seeing you on the floor.


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