Why we have become a CrossFit Affiliate. The real story

Why we became a CF NAS and how it will help improve us as a business and a community
February 17, 2023
Why we have become a CrossFit Affiliate.  The real story

If you spoke to me ten years ago, I was one of the ignorant people who didn't know what I was really saying about CrossFit. In all honesty, there was probably some deep seated jealousy around CrossFit and that they were doing a far better job than I was in the group fitness space.

More so if I am honest

So over the last few years as I have matured and the business grew through COVID-19 we saw that we were organically driving towards there anyway, however we weren't "paying the licence fee" to be part of the group. And for a while that is what I saw it as. A money making system to just put the $$ into their pockets.

But then I started to really look at it from a more deeper, and holistic vantage point, and realised that there was a great tool box of information that I couldn't access, and that I also couldn't help drive change if I was sitting on the out side. Along with several of out athletes looking at advancing outside of the NZ space in CrossFit, we saw it as a natural investment in all of us to join the community and whole heartedly jump in.

So as of 14 Feb, we now have a CrossFit Affiliate called CrossFit NAS (Short for Neo, Ayla and Soul) my kids.

We have always been a family here, with kids growing around us and our majority membership being your mums and dads. So it was an easy decision to make and also it is the name of one of out favourite hip hop artists.

So what does that mean for you?

Nothing at all. We are still running as 808 House of Training, we operate as 808 and we will be known as "808 House of Training, the Home of CF NAS"

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