Tarawera Ultra Marathon. Why you should do it

The Tarawera Ultra is one of the most iconic Trail races in NZ, and it will be one of the most unreal races you will ever do.
February 17, 2023
Tarawera Ultra Marathon.  Why you should do it

What is it?

Tarawera Ultra is a trail running race that takes place in the North Island of New Zealand. The race offers a range of distances from 21 kilometers to 102 kilometers and even 100 miles (162km), and follows a course that winds through some of the country's most stunning natural scenery, including lakes, forests, and waterfalls.

The race is named after Mount Tarawera, an active volcano in the region, and has become one of the most popular ultra-distance trail races in the world. The course is known for its challenging terrain, with steep hills, rocky paths, and narrow trails. The race attracts both amateur and professional runners from around the world, and is often cited as one of the most beautiful and well-organized trail races in the world.

In addition to the main race, there are also several shorter events for runners of all abilities, including, a 21-kilometer run, and a 50-kilometer run. The Tarawera Ultra is held annually in February, and has become a highlight of the trail running calendar for many runners.

Why should you do it

Apart from the obvious, it is a real test of mental fortitude and you will be part of a select few whom have the courage to take on such a demanding and physical challenge. And that is how you should approach it, as a challenge. Everyone goes in with their own goals for this event. Whether it is to place high up on the leader board, or to just finish the damn thing. We all have our own visions and it becomes deeply personal for you.

It is however no easy feet, and you should definitely approach this with the respect this event deserves. The training is only one aspect, equipment, nutrition, weight management all play a crucial role in not only succeeding in this event, but also decreasing the risk of injury

Top five tips for Running the Trail.....

Here are 5 top trail running tips:

1: Start Slowly and Gradually Increase Your Intensity: Trail running can be more challenging than road running because of the varying terrain and inclines. Start slowly and gradually increase your intensity as your fitness improves. We will be releasing our 100 and 50km training plans very shortly. Expect to train for up to 11 weeks for the fifty and 23-24 weeks for the 100km. It is a commitment and you have to want this to get the very best out of it.

2: Wear Appropriate Trail Running Shoes: Trail running shoes are designed to provide better traction, stability, and support on rough and uneven terrain. Make sure to wear the appropriate shoes to avoid slips, falls, and other injuries. Give me a message if you want our recommendations.

3: Carry Water and Nutrition: Trail running can be more demanding than road running, and you may need to carry water and nutrition to keep your energy levels up. Make sure to plan your route and carry enough supplies to stay hydrated and fuel your run.

4: Stay Alert and Mindful of Your Surroundings: Trail running often involves uneven and unpredictable terrain, and you need to be mindful of your surroundings to avoid falls, twists, and injuries. Stay alert and watch out for obstacles like rocks, roots, and tree branches.

5: Respect the Environment and Other Trail Users: Trail running takes place in beautiful natural environments, and it's important to respect the environment and other trail users. Stay on designated trails, avoid littering, and be respectful to other runners, hikers, and wildlife. This highly important and often understated.

In summary it is one of the most epic adventures you can do in NZ that will challenge you and give you a real true perspective on life.

We will see you on the start line

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