CrossFit NAS Strength Program Re-Cap

We had a HUGE amount of success with out 11 week Strength Training program that yielded over 148 PB's across all the lifts.
April 29, 2023
CrossFit NAS Strength Program Re-Cap

What a MASSIVE 11 weeks we have had!

Over the last 11 weeks, we have followed a progressive overload training plan that was based around:

And the results are IN

We have had over 148 Personal Bests recorded from our community, with ranges of 8-21% increase across the board. And a further 87 equal PBs for others.  Well done to all :)

We also learned a tonne from it.

Micro-dosing Deadlifts helped improve our athlete's ability to perform without injury rather than just hammering it. With all the accessory lifting we do along with our Olympic lifting, we noticed that our Deadlifting still improved. We also tested a higher rep scheme than the conventional one rep Max for the following reason:

Our most significant improvements were in our Back squats and Strict press. This is illustrated that, on average, we had a 13% increase on the personal bests.

We also learned much about ensuring we did enough work with accessory-based movements such as banded rows, DB Bench Presses and lunges. We also found that spending up to 40-45 minutes on the strength pieces allowed us to focus on quality training rather than trying to cram as much as possible into the one-hour session.

Now the fun starts, and we look forward to doing our ten-week Olympic Lifting program next :)

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